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Our Cookies are Homemade


Sugar and Shine operates as a "Cottage Food" business. This is a legal provision allowing home bakers to bring fresher, tastier, homemade foods straight to consumers. You get all the goodness of a farmers market, without having to leave the office!

As part of that, note that these products are produced in a home kitchen not inspected by a health department that may also process common food allergens. If you have safety concerns, contact your local health department.


Available in single, double, or mixed flavor varieties!

Variety Dozen

Can't pick a side? Want to try all the flavors? These dozens give you the option to try each delectable flavor on our menu!

★ Classic Mixed Dozen

Two each of the following cookie flavors: Chocolate Chip, Sugar, Peanut Butter, Double Chocolate Toffee, Kitchen Sink, and Brown Butter Caramel. Two gluten free flavors included!


★ 2-Flavor Dozen

Choose any of our two cookie flavors for this dozen. Like picking teammates in a sports game. May the best cookies win.


Single Flavor Dozen

Who needs variety when you can have your favorite, 12 times in a row?

★ Kitchen Sink Dozen

No potato chips will be found in this cookie. We've elevated a "normal" kitchen sink cookie to a new level of scrumptious with chunks of Reeses peanut butter cups, pretzels, Twix, and buttery Ritz crackers. Sounds strange, until you try it.


★ Double Chocolate Toffee

Deep chocolate dough with chocolate chips and chunks of salty-sweet toffee, topped with sea salt and toffee for that extra little bit of perfection.


Gluten free

Peanut Butter Cookie Dozen

Craving something salty and sweet? Our fudgy peanut butter cookies are made with 2-3 times the amount of peanut butter compared to standard recipes, giving them that perfect ooey-gooey chewiness and an extra boost of flavor.


★ Brown Butter Caramel "Hope" Cookie Dozen

This is a cookie that my sister Hope (who has celiac disease) taught me to bake. Coincidentally, it's also the cookie that gave me hope for the future happiness of people who can't have gluten. Taste-testers often declared this the best tasting cookie, even when compared to cookies that used regular flour!


Gluten free

Chocolate Chip Dozen

The chocolate chip cookie that you grew up eating (or at least wish you did). Fudgy, chewy, with just a touch of salt. These cookies are made with Ghirardelli chocolate, and you can taste the luxury in each bite.


Sugar Cookie Dozen

Buttery and delicious, these cookies prove that simplicity and decadence really can coexist.


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